Getting to know about CE&GS activities and the Incubation Centres

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and General Studies (CE&GS) launched NOUN's first Virtual Advocacy in the six incubation centres across the country using video conferencing technologies. This marked a new wave of online interaction for the National Open University of Nigeria. This forum is open for discussions on CE&GS. 

You can watch advocacy videos at

We are making progress

Hi Everyone,

This is a great thing to do in ODL.  If you must reach every student, you go virtual.



I am so happy to hear this new development, it's a good idea which need all hands on deck.second I will encourage those responsible on the field to deploy competent staff to some study centre that are far from the six zone selected,Those staff will serve as a link to the zone office.🙋

This is quite innovative. Let's benefit accordingly. Thumb up.

We are greatly improving I am so happy with the good development. The management is not following the school academic calendar which is one of the biggest challenges we are facing and it needs to be addressed at a matter of urgency please that is for my own observation and opinion. Thanks.

So excited , congratulation to NOUN on great development of ODL in the 21st Century!

It's a good start for students of National Open University of Nigeria as their mode of learning implies ODL. I would love it if the same thing will be implemented for other courses.

And also academic calendar should be diligently observed and also any updates on the school sites should be done during the holidays as the update during academic time affects students seriously and it makes some not to be able to carry out their academic activities on time which causes delay in school programs.

Apapa Lagos

It's a good development, it is boosting our morale, keep on improving.

So excited , congratulation to National open University on great development of ODL in the 21st Century!

Hi Everyone,

Today is the fifth day of the advocacy.  Work through the site to acquaint yourself with all the functions.  Also go through the advocacy videos.

Post questions on the areas you have challenge or where you need clarification.  Also let us tell our colleagues.  



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Thank you Omolafe.  With you all we will be able to make more progress.  Please help us to others.


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Thank you Femi.  For the academic activities, the management is working on it.  I can tell you that we are not comfortable too.  I can assure you that the university is trying to recover all lost activities.

Hope to meet you during business plan presentation.

Happy to hear this news about teaching us how to write a business plan, which many did not know how to do? How I wish I am in that level to learn more on business plan. God bless NOUN , GOD BLESS CEAGS. AMEN.



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Thanks Ayomide.

Your result will soon be release.

Its been long since we experience a forum like this i think the management are working hard...
And besides its a welcome development. I also will like it if the school can give her students area of concentration during exams to help improve our academic performance.. God bless noun... Am comerade festus..


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Thank you Festus.
Effective use of the forum will help students to improve their academic performance. In this site, there are videos recorded by your lecturer to guide you on business plan . After listening to the video, students are expected to go to the forum section for sharing and discussion.

The students common room will give you opportunity to share with only your fellow students and to share challenges you go to consulting room and choose who you want to share with.

This is a good initiative to keep students academic on track. i love this

Noun is the No.1 E-Learning University in Nigeria. Since the Noun- Ilearn portal has been closed this is a very welcome development.

A welcome development. Good Job CE&GS! Congratulations NOUN.

I love this development!

Please wia is the business plan vedio and how re we going to get it

Slow but steady progress. So happy for NOUN

What are the strategy are we need to follow it's an individual presentation or what am confuse?

Good evening every one, please when is the presentation for north west holding,my study centre is kaduna and really can't tell the exact day for my presentation and the time.
My second question I submitted my business plan on the 30th how do I know it was properly submitted. Please help me out here.Thank you for your good response that I await earnestly.

There is no notice from my study center (Akure study center) concerning the business plan and how we are to do it.
As we know that time is not on our side.
I will be happy if notice would be sent to the students on when and how to start. Thanks

What are the step to make our bussiness plan done


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From I think it will be a group presentation but every member of thee group must have something to explain/say on an aspect of the business plan.

* from what I learnt, I think it will be a group presentation but every member of the group must have something to explain/say on an aspect of the business plan. 

By God willing we will handle it well as incubation officers